Thursday, February 9, 2012

High-Bun Perfection!

I have Finally perfected the High Bun and I am SOO excited! I have what the stylists like to call "fine" hair, I have a lot of it but it's not super "thick", which in most cases works to my benefit because I don't have to wait hours on end for my hair to dry... So as I was admiring some of the high bun photos I just couldnt figure out the best way for me to "pull it off" Well I am here to say, I have the secret... and surprisingly it is really simple (yay) who doesn't love a simple yet trendy "hair-do!"

You can really get creative with this cute bun, below are some pics that inspired me on Pinterest.

High Bun Photos:

Source: via Andi on Pinterest

     Source: via LeAnn on Pinterest

HERE'S The Secret:

Get a skinny "tease brush" from Sally's Beauty Supply or ask your hair stylist to get one for you! It really does make a huge difference! It's $4.99 and worth the investment. 

Thanks to for the beatutiful tutorial below:

                                                              Source: via LeAnn on Pinterest

My High- Buns! (LOL)