Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bundle up.

I looove scarves and they are great for all times of the year. Now with the colder months coming it is time to bundle up, and who doesn't love a handmade scarf! Even with this freakishly warm & then freezing cold weather, I still like to rock a scarf, I mean it IS January!
Here are a few very talented ladies who can "hook you up" with a handmade scarf. I just LOVE their designs!

Jess Rowland:

 Check out Jess' Etsy store here !
Twitter: @jess_rowland

Lindsay Arnett:

Click Here to contact Lindsay so she can make you a custom handmade scarf!
Twitter: @arnett_la

Stay Warm Friends.

Monday, January 9, 2012

January Photo Challenge!

Here is an Awesome way to enjoy everyday of the Month in January! It's not too late to join... hurry Start TODAY! Create an Instagram account & Twitter account and join in!

Started by fat mum slim. This FUN Photo Challenge has been so exciting for my BFF Jacee and I, we love to see what everyone else posts.

{photo & logo via fat mum slim}

Here are the Fun Posts of mine since Day 1:

Day 1 You:

Day 2 Breakfast:

Day 3 Something you adore:

Day 4 Letterbox:

Day 5 Something you wore:

Day 6 Makes me smile:

Day 7 Favorite:

Day 8 Your sky: