Monday, December 19, 2011

Spreading Holiday Cheer - Day 1

I am such a Seasonal/Holiday junkie, I just can't stop! And I happen to love EVERYthing about Christmas! The food, family, awesome decor, MUSIC oh yea, and some gifts too :)

This Week I am going to pass along some quick and easy Holiday ideas that my family and I have been partaking in, these are simple ways to spread some Holiday Cheer!

My Mom and I tried to copy a "pin" that we found on Pinterest, needless to say the Pinterest picture looked so much more professional but we had so much fun making these little guys, we also used the left over peanut butter cookie dough to make m&m cookies and hershey kiss thumbprints.

Recipe for Reindeer Cookies [free printable recipe]

This guy is just too funny!

My lovely Mom and I with our finished products!

Target has little boxes that are really cute to put a little tissue paper and some cookies in for your friends, neighbors and relatives. They cost $1, who doesn't love that, or you can use a cute kraft paper bag and tie a ribbon through the middle like Mique did from "30 handmade days"

Here are the cute tags for your cookie bags and boxes [free printable tags]

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