Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Cheer - Day 2

Today's Holiday Cheer idea is brought to you by "chicks who pick" 

My BFF Jacee and I LOVE vintage "picking"and we cannot stay away from Ball Jars, needless to say if you ever go into our basements you would think that we were avid peach canners- Nope we just collect any & ALL types of Ball Jars!

Frosted Ball Jars
Use a high gloss white spray paint, or a frosted glass spray paint, put the nozzle of the spray paint into the jar and spray a couple quick sprays, it should take on a "frosted" look, if it gets to close to the sides the paint will run, so you may want to turn the jar upside down, when you are done spraying. Tie some twine or a bow around the top and put a tea light inside. So quick and easy and very cute! You could give a bundle of different sizes & shapes as gifts or use for fun decor...

I used them on my mantle:

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